Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life happens!

I was having a bitter moment/pity party for myself earlier because I was thinking of everything GB was missing and how much I was missing him. And then I realized that wasn't getting me anywhere. Life is passing by whether I am on board or not so why not enjoy. In the words of a sweet friend, "Life is too short to be anything, but happy."

So this is why I am happy. I have a husband who I am so proud of and who I can't imagine life without. I am mommy to the sweetest little boy around! I swear he gets cuter by the day and is learning so much. It is amazing to watch.

Ok.. enough of the sap...
  •  I am happy because today is National Coffee Day and coffee is my best friend. I found a new coffee stand that I adore.  
  • There is sunshine in my life and laughter in parks.
  •  My favorite TV shows are back on air which makes my days go by quicker.
  • I am one size away from my prepregnancy pants and less than ten pounds, which means I have lost over 50 pounds. Go me!
  •  My son is currently taking a 2+ hr nap. That definitely makes me happy.
  • Fall means soup and I do love a good bowl of soup.
  • Fall means winter comes soon and winter means Christmas and Christmas means watching White Christmas over and over again. Heaven.
  • I bought Max's Halloween costume and I LOVE it! He is going to be adorable!
  • Hot tub. Enough said.
  • I have Hawaii to dream about.
  • My friends are the best in the world and I thank God that I have them in my life. Near and far, they rock.
Life is too short to be anything, but happy so happiness here were come!
Fall means glow in the dark skeleton jammies!

Such a cutie!
He is getting so big!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Family takes on a new meaning.

When I married my husband, I new my family was changing. No longer did family mean mom and dad, but it meant husband soon after it meant Max. However, what I did not realize is that when I married GB I also married into a completely different family. An Army family. I know that sounds so cliche, but it is true. I have been away from GB for months now, but I have also been away from my Army family and that has been hard.

I never expected to meet such amazing people or to form such bonds with them, but now they have impacted my life so much I can't imagine who I would be without them. This past month Max and I have been visiting with some of my Army family and was fabulous to not only have something to look forward to, but to reunited with such amazing people. The only downfall is that it made me miss the rest of my "Alaska Family" that I didn't get to see more and GB of course!

Max and I traveled to Reno and San Francisco to visit with Miss L! I could not tell you how happy I was to see her smiling face at the airport.

Checking out Alcatraz!

We had issues getting with all three of us looking so this is as close as we came. SF is in the background!

I told Lauren the only thing I had to do in SF is eat sour dough!

Checking out the beach!
Max loved the zoo!! <3
Such a silly one!
L and I enjoyed a night on the town in Reno!
Then after a week home and a birthday celebration for a certain adorable one year old, we packed up again and headed to Kansas City. Max made it to his 7th and 8th state. That kid is a great little traveler! Being with J and her little miss who was born 5 hours before Max was fabulous and I can't wait to move in with them while we figure out housing in Ak! The little ones played and argued and were adorable! J and I talked and just picked up where we left off. I can't even explain how comforting and happy it was to be with them!

And unfortunately the photo uploader quit working for me so no picture from the Kansas City part of our adventure. Someday soon!!