Friday, August 12, 2011

Max's First Haircut

The other title that I considered for this post was “Holy cow, did that all come out of you?” but I figured that might not be as appropriate or kind of me so I stuck with the First Haircut. The day of the big cut was full of adventure and not of the fun kind. There I was sitting on the deck at the cabin enjoying a nice cup of coffee while Max napped when my mom’s best friend who is also our family salonist (sidenote, but my brother legitimately thought that was a word when he was like 13 so it just kinda stuck as a family joke) called and said she could fit us in at 10:45. Awesome, except that is was 9:20 and I needed to shower, Max was napping, and then needed to be fed, and my mom decided she would join us so she needed to shower too. I accepted even though I should have realized that with a 30+ minute car ride it wasn’t really doable.
In the car we go at about 10:15, so my mom drives like a maniac slightly wild to ensure that we make the appointment on time. About 10 minutes in, Max starts crying and continues for most of the trip, I thought I was going to vomit, and even my mom was sick while she was driving. We continue on and arrive only 5 minutes late. Awesome. I open the door to get Max out and witness an awesome sight. He is covered from head to toe in vomit. It is soaked into all of his car seat and completely drenched his only outfit. Even more awesome. So I strip him down, and try to towel him off with a  few paper towels and then I haul him into the bathroom at the salon to do the best I can to eliminate the nasty sourness that was emanating from him. The only thing I had extra in the diaper bag was an onesie, but we didn’t want to upset him again right before his haircut so my child got his first hair cut in just his diaper. Classy, right?
We ran a few errands while we were in town and then headed home to deal with the nastiness that was the car seat. So the car seat was the one my mom had purchased for her car and my dad had been in charge of installing, etc, which is probably safer in the long run, because my brain does not work that way. At all. I discovered this after it took me over a half an hour to get the stupid seat unhooked and taken apart to wash. However, that is NOTHING compared to the 2 hours that it took me to put it back together. I tried so many wrong ways of assembling it. There were some definite tears and maybe a few choice words. I have discovered while I did very well in school, I am definitely not so smart in the art of car seats.   
Then to top of the day, we arrive back out to the cabin 8ish hours after we left only for Max to find a pile of dirt to roll in. Literally roll. Like a dog. So it was into the outdoor shower and outfit number 4 of the day before we left for a little dinner get together. Some days feel a little bit longer than others. And still, I cannot fathom how much vomit came out of him. It blows my mind.
Back the topic relevant to the title, Max’s hair is so cute. Gone are the looks for a scraggly haired little baby. Instead my baby looks more and more like a little boy everyday.

The pictures are a little out of order, but oh well...

Getting a kiss from Miss Wendy for being such a good boy while his hair was being cut!

The side view!
I adore this sweet boy!
He is so cute, but he smelled so bad!
Getting started! Notice the nice nakedness.
He did so well sitting still!


  1. Max is so cute! Don't worry, car seats are a pain for everyone, especially when you have to take the cover off to wash it! So will you be keeping extra clothes in the diaper bag from now on? I also learned that the hard way, only it wasn't vomit, just pee. :) The joys of being a mommy! Love ya!


  2. He is soo cute! And I am jealous of all the hair he had/has! I can't wait for Tyler to have enough hair to cut! :) Sorry about the rest of the day! Gotta love those moments!