Monday, December 13, 2010

Over the weekend...

Friday night was G B's company Christmas party! We had lots of fun and Baby B had his first experience with "Santa".
Baby B and G B at the party! 
Baby B and Santa!
Baby B relaxing after the party!

On Saturday we did some awesome things like clean our house and go shopping. Saturday night however we made our Christmas cookies. GB did not like to use the cookie cutters. He cut out like two and was done. He then got out a knife and designed his own. Some of his designs included a stryker (what an Army nerd) and Baby B's name. I thought things weren't looking good for our marriage when he made me turn off one of my favorite movies of all time, White Christmas, but things ended up ok when we watched Harry Potter #6 while baking. The cookies turned out kinda crappy, but we had fun.
 Our cookie creations. Can you pick out which ones I made and the ones that GB made?
 This is how Baby B spent the cookie making adventure.

On Sunday we slept in because lovely baby boy decided he didn't want to go to sleep until 1 am and then woke up at 3:30, 5:30.... You get the picture. Needless to say I was one tired and cranky Momma. The highlight of the day was an exciting White Elephant exchange. We left our house with a machete (GB's idea) and a back massager and returned home with a mini air hockey set and a bag full of Christmas wrapping supplies. Baby B was a bundle of energy as you can tell by this picture. He is sure cute when he sleeps though!

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