Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pure Joy.

After months of our family being very apart, we had a chance to enjoy a perfect vacation together. Those first few moments of seeing GB in person were shocking. Is it weird to be shocked by the touch of your husband's hand to yours? I had forgotten that he was a real person, not just a face and voice presented to me via Skype. I had also forgotten the pure joy that touch adds to a relationship. Walking through Waikiki holding his hand while the other pushed Max's stroller put a permanent smile on my face. Watching him help Max climb the ladders at the playground or wash Max's hair. It was so unreal in the best kind of way. I know I took these little things for granted while he was gone, but I know I will feel so blessed to watch these little things happen and have these moments when our family is together again.

After a long, long day of traveling Max and I hate to check out the beach.
Checking out the sand! 

Late night at the airport (again), but waiting (not very patiently) for  GB  get to baggage claim.
This was so strange and so amazing to see. My heart just melted.
Not so awesome attempt at a family picture.

Still checking each other out.

I know I had been a little MIA and not blogged much, but honestly I didn't want to talk about our upcoming trip because I was afraid I would jinx it. Apparently I am superstitious. Who knew? 

More to come...


  1. These pictures are absolutely adorable! I'm so happy you guys got this time to reconnect as a family. So sweet!

  2. That brought tears to my eyes. I dread the day when Adam has to deploy.