Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wow. It has been a while.

My life has turned upside down and has been full of stress. Good stress, but stress none the less. Max and I flew back up to AK and GB's dad was nice enough to drive my car back up for us. He only had three hours of bad driving!

 The last month has been a whirlwind. There have been Uhauls stuck in storage unit parking lots that were not plowed, there has been snow and negative temps, there have been welcome homes, there have been many boxes unpacked, dishes washed, laundry done. But most importantly there have been sweet friends who make everything else a lot less stressful. My house is really starting to feel like a home minus the fact that there isn't a single thing hanging on the walls (I may just wait until GB gets home for that) and there are still a pile of totes (mostly empty) in the dining room. Oh and our crib's hardware is missing. Like we can't find it anywhere. Good thing Max doesn't mind sleeping in a Pack and Play. I am not too sure what I am going to do about it right now.

We have had some good times too! The one thing that was lacking in our life in the lower 48 were kids for Max to play with, and boy has that changed. He has taken the changes fairly well even though he is teething, but it has been hard on him. His normally sweetness has been tinged with some sass especially the past few days. I am hoping that the two teeth that have just poked through will come all the way and that the sass will fade away.

Max thought that having an empty room full of toys was pretty awesome!

Move in day was super stressful.

Riding the horsey that Daddy made him when he was like 2 months old.

They have too much fun together.

Born 5 hours apart and still plotting against us.

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