Saturday, March 31, 2012


Now that we are back in the swing of things in the Great White North, I feel the need to catch you up. So here is what our life has been like, I hope you don't mind the sporadic manner, but that is the way my brain works these days.
  • Speaking of my brain, I feel like it has turned to mush the past couple of weeks. I need to figure out something to get it back firing on all cylinders.
  • My strong silent (well he was never really silent) Max has become quite the chatter bug. He is finally starting to mimick what I am saying, and that makes me so happy. His vocabulary is finally expanding everyday and I am loving watching his brain grow. Today when we were hanging up on skype with my brother, I said "Peace" and Max repeated peace. I just about melted from the cuteness! He is quite the little character.
  • We have started getting sunshine up here and there were puddles! This may not be a huge excitement in the lower 48, but discovering a puddle up here is like finding gold! Above zero temperatures even at night, and above freezing temperature during the day! It has been heaven! Spring is coming and I am so ready for it.
  • Max has started giving the world's best hugs with both his arms and legs wrapped around me! He really has figured out how to melt my heart right in a puddle.
Morning time fun! 

This was a little over a week ago. Max got all his hair shaved off.  I was very upset, but it has already grown out a little and I love it!

We went to the Bounce N Play this week and it was a blast! I think we will be going back!
That is all for now!

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  1. Max is adorable! I hope you're adjusting back to AK! <3