Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Becoming domestic, and such

Well, GB has been home over a month now, which means we have been busy doing fun family things. Before he left, I never knew what I was going to make for dinner until late in the afternoon. I never tried any new recipes. My cooking was less than great. All in all, I was in a domestic rut. However, I have worked really hard in starting new routines since the big move back to Alaska and I am really proud of how well they have worked for our family!

I have become much more creative with our meals in large part to skinnytaste.com. I have made enchiladas, stuffed peppers, broccoli mac and cheese, Cajun chicken pasta, Shepard's pie several different rice dishes, and some a few others. Every recipe has been a hit with GB and most have been with Max as well. I have been meal planning ever week and doing one big grocery shopping trip and it was worked so well. All in all, I am proud of myself and I am shocked that I have become the kind of person who gets excited to find new recipes on the Internet!

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