Thursday, July 5, 2012

May and June were very busy.

**fair warning: this is going to be long**
After being gone for so long, GB had a lot of leave built up and we took advantage of it. We said good bye to the AK and headed to the real part of the United States. We enjoyed a cram packed 3 weeks of vacation, but boy were we tired after we got home. GB and I got to sneak away and have a little us time for the first time since Max was born. 

First up was a wedding in Seattle. GB and I actually set up the couple in college and they are such sweet friends. GB had the honor of being part of the wedding party. We celebrated, danced, and chatted the night away. I was so happy to see so many friends that I hadn't seen in forever. 
The first wedding that we have been to together since our wedding.
We got our dance on. "A little bit softer now"
Max spent that weekend with my parents. We drove back to my parents house for another day and some Max snuggles and then GB and I headed to Vegas. We had so much fun, but oh my goodness was it hot. We got to sit by the pool, see some of the sights, catch a few shows, and play some slots. All in all, it was a successful trip. By the end of it though, we were tired of the sounds of the slots and the smell smoke, and we were so excited to get our arms around the Max man.

Enjoying some date time and sunshine.
 After we picked Max up from my parents, we headed down for some quality time with GB's family and then back up to my parents for the last couple days of vacation. Can I just mention the fact that Max may be the most loved and spoiled grandchild I know? 

With all our travels, everything went very smoothly until the last day. We sat for over three hours as our first flight was delayed, missed our connection flight to AK, and then didn't arrive back home until about 2 a.m. The only food in the concourse we were in was a bar, which is awesome when you have a tired, hungry toddler. Ugh. 

When we got home, Max and I spent almost the entire first week outside. We bought Max a kiddie pool, and enjoyed the week of 80+ temperatures. Unfortunately, the heat and sunshine didn't last that long so we have been having to play inside and be creative. 

Here is a quick summary of our time back in the AK:
This is what happens when Mommy wants to take a picture of Max 's cute outfit.

I am pretty sure this is Max's idea of a perfect day.

Max's first concert. He was pumped.

Pure excitement.

Getting his groove on.

A family picture where we are all almost looking at the camera.

Playing playdoh!

Poor little wild man gets bored easily inside.

Whew! I think that brings us up to the present. I think life has settled down enough for me to be a better blogger. And if you made it this far, as always, thanks for reading!

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