Monday, November 5, 2012


Last night, the family took a walk to the park and I couldn't help feeling so content with where we are in life. I love where we live, I mean I would love to have a slightly bigger house or garage or more storage, but we live in a great neighborhood. I enjoy living on a military post for the first time and this time of year is so beautiful. I am so content with our family and the life we have made. The ability to make memories is so much sweeter after spending last year with 1/3 missing.

Watching Max crunch as he crunched the leaves and pointed out the squirrels, I realized how precious these moments are. Soon he will no longer be the constant center of attention and his world will be turned upside down. It is a weird feeling to be sad about it, but to be so excited to give him a little brother at the same time.

What a lot of random. Sorry, I am tired tonight.

Here is a little taste of what our low key weekend was like.
Working on learning how those darn pedals work.

Trying to figure it out.

Max's happy place.

Two walks to the park in one day = Max's best day ever. He walked the whole way there, but was happy Daddy brought the stroller so he could hitch a ride on the way home.
I hope everyone had a happy Monday!

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