Sunday, October 28, 2012

The ghosts of Halloween Present, Halloween Past, and Halloween More Past.

Last night we took Max (and GB) out trick or treating at our town's downtown area. It was fun and it was nice to have an excuse to have him wear his costume an extra time. We have a family theme but I was lame didn't wear my costume last night. Don't worry I promise to bust it out on real Halloween. I seriously love Halloween so here is a look back through the years.

Mario and Luigi

The cutest little garden gnome around
Trick or treating with Momma. We went to a few houses for the photo op (and I may have enjoyed the bonus of candy)
I loved this stage because he was like a little doll. I got to play dress up.
Barney, Betty, and our sweet little BamBam at GB's unit party. (Please excuse what I mess I was postpartum.)

Actual Halloween day. Our sweet little bumble bee!
And taking you way back to the first Halloween GB and I celebrated together. Officer and inmate. 

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