Sunday, January 9, 2011

The last little bit of 2010! - Part 2

The second half of our little Christmas vacation was spent in northern Idaho with my family! We had a great time doing things like...

An ugly sweater party the first night that we got into town! It was a hoot!
Daddy gave me a sweet comb over...

We didn't get a full portrait in our sweaters so here are GB and me!
 We opened even more presents! Max is one spoiled and well loved little boy!

Uncle Natey got me a sweet coonskin cap and some pistols for when I am a little older!
 We tried rice cereal for the first time...

Didn't go over so well.
Mommy and Daddy got to spend some time without the little B. We went skiing at Schweitzer (I didn't fall at all, which is a miracle, but my legs were ridiculously sore)! They got to ring in 2011 by singing Don't Stop Believin'.

There was a white elephant party, some bunco, a meeting lots of new family and friends. It was a crazy busy week, but one that was full of love. For the most part, Max was a happy camper!!

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