Monday, April 4, 2011

On the move...

Our  house is up and movin'. GB and I have been busy (well kinda) trying to get everything packed up and moved out and Max took in the moving vibe and started crawling. He already was getting exactly where he wanted to go, just not officially crawling, but all that changed yesterday when he offiicially started crawling.

We have been busy trying to make as many memories as possible. I can't believe that Max is already over 7 months. I look back at pictures of our sweet little tiny baby and can't believe that this babbling crawler was ever that tiny.

Max is all that is boy and I have a feeling we are going to have many bruises and such in our life. This includes spit. I am constantly covered in baby spit. Really cool accessory, right?

In other news it has broken 40 here this week. It is so nice to have the warmth and sunshine, but not so nice to see the trash that is left behind by the break up. Don't worry though we still have over a foot and a half of snow in our yard so it isn't all exposed yet.

Happy April everybody!


  1. I can't believe Max is crawling! Such a bittersweet milestone. <3

  2. Good luck packing!!

    And YAY Max!!