Saturday, April 23, 2011

What the past few weeks have taught me.

  • My child is so talented that he can throw his toy in the poopy diaper after he managed to roll through his blowout and get poop on his face. Of course this happens when I am home by myself so I don't have any extra set of hands for help.
  • Laughter after a morning full of tears makes everything seem better.
  • Watching men cry is way harder than watching women cry.
  • Eating your feelings is only temperory helpful, because then you just end up chunkier than when you started.
  • Packing sucks. Period.
  • Cleaning sucks too.
  • I have the tendency to be lazy.
  • Even though I am a grown up, I am so excited to see my mom and give her a hug in a few days that I feel a little immature.
  • Oh and each new day brings a new adventure with a mobile almost 8 month old who has mastered crawling over the past couple of weeks. I am thinking of calling him Speedy Gonzalez.


  1. Thinking of you hunny, and I'm sure you will be feeling much better once you get some mom hugs in! I hope being surrounded by family lifts your spirits. And hello, GO MAX!! I can't believe he's mobile now!

  2. Love you and your family!!

    And, you are not immature for wanting mom hugs - you are simply clinging to your family while your hubby is away. That is so far from immature!