Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thud and other things.

That is the sound of Max's head hitting the ground. Repeatedly.

I have decided that his noggan must be really heavy because it is always leading the way towards smacking into the ground. He doesn't cry or complain about all the falling he is doing, but I am seriously starting to get concerned. I am excited to move back in with my parents because their thicker carpet will help cushion the fall.

Yesterday we went to a ceremony for GB's brigade. The governor was there and everything including some people we decided must be the Alaska version of SWAT. Max was all about it (minus the fact that he needed a nap). There was patriotic music. He loudly babbled sang through the national anthem and saw tons of other babies that all needed to be shreiked at. There was tons of patriotic music - his favorite song was the Army Song - which he danced and smiled through. All in all is was a pretty great celebration as well as an awesome place to people watch!

I definitely teared up as the National Anthem played and all the troops saluted the flag. I am a big ol' sap like that, however I was quickly distracted from my tears I tried to hush Max as he got to a whole new level of obnoxiously loud in the middle of the song.

Enjoying the festivities!

Starting to get tired...

Mom tries to get me to nap....

Dad tries to get me to nap....

To no success.

I would much rather play with his Ranger tab and his strawberry path. Who knew that uniforms cam with built in toys? The other side is better though because the flag is colorful!

Showing off my outfit and my sweet combover!


  1. Max is so sweet! I tear up during the national anthem every time. It is just beautiful. I love all the cute pictures!

  2. I get emotional during the national anthem as well. Especially when military personnel is present.

    And Max is just too cute!!!