Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One of those days.

Yesterday was one of those days were everything that wanted to happen wouldn't and everything you didn't want to happen did. We went to the allergist in a town about an hour away to get some more of Max's vaccines. I did not realize that his egg allergy would complicate these type of things so much. On the way to the office I got lost (GB would say big surprise there, because I have the worst sense of direction ever). Then I had to get Max, my purse - which was stuffed to the brim with things to keep Max occupied, a little lunch cooler with things like turkey and cheese to make sure the wee one didn't get hungry, the binder with all of his info, my coffee cup, a styrofoam cooler with his vaccacines in it, and Clifford, of course, into the office all by myself. I am pretty sure it looked like I was going to move in.

I asked the doctor (this was the first time we saw this particular doc, because our other one was on vacation), if the flu shot was worth all this trouble and he proceeded to explain to me the harm that influenza can have on an allergy prone child. Awesome. So now I have something else to worry about. So we proceeded with the tests to see if he would be allergic to the shot because it is egg-based. The first one he passed with flying colors but I did feel sorry to the reaction his little skin had to the control prick. The second one = fail.

After discussing with the doctor, we decided to proceed with caution. This meant a tiny injection and then a long wait to make sure there was no further reaction. About the time the doctor left I looked down and noticed the giant coffee stain on my white sweatshirt. Embarassing, much? Don't worry I tried to take another sip and then spilled more. I think I ended up wearing more coffee than I drank. They only good thing that happened was that Max got almost a full dose of the vaccacine with no more reaction.

Did I mention we were there for 2 1/2 hours to get one shot? Did I mention that we were a cramped little room for 2 1/2 hours? Did I mention that my child is a wild man and that being in such a small space for that long with him and being covered in coffee about did me in? Did I mention that he did his business twice and that in my stuffed to the brim diaper bag I forgot to pack wipes? Imagine a smelly cramped room and me trying to figure out how I was going to change him and then dispose of the diaper so I wouldn't have sit in the stench forever. The nurses there were angels and brought me some wipes and helped me dispose of the diapers so nobody fainted from the nasty smell. Oh and don't worry about 5 minutes after I changed the first one, Max looked at me, ran for the corner to hide and fill another one, and then smiled when he was done.

Did I mention that I get to do this all over again in a month for his booster? Thank goodness today is a new day and so far so good. Except that the vaccine made my happy little sleeper cranky and he was up for hours in the middle of the night. But the fact that I am a couple cups of coffee into my day and Max is napping has given me a positive attitude! Today is going to be a good day.

Cuddling with Clifford before the whole process really started.

He had to take off his shirt so they could test on his back. Then I had to make sure his back didn't touch anything for 20 minutes. That was a whole lot of fun. We made it through it because he got to unload the bottom of the stroller a million times without Mommy saying No. He was a happy camper.

The skin test gave him the itchies.

Step #3 was shots in the leg after his shots in the arm. He was cruising around in just his diaper and loving it. I had to make sure there wasn't any reactions at the injection sights and no hives.

Hiding from me so he could... you know... do his business. He didn't really like the fact that there wasn't any place to hide. He is probably going to hate me or need therapy later on in life because I posted this.  I had to deal with the stink thought so I would say we are even,
One of the highlights though was the fact that the nurses couldn't get enough of him. He gave them his sweet little smiles and laughs even after they had poked him. They just kept saying how cute and adorable he is. I have to agree, but it made me wonder if there noses were working properly.

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