Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's new?

I find bullets an easier way to organize today so here you go.
  • I love second graders! Love them. I had a blast subbing in a second grade on Friday. I took them on a field trip and they were fabulous. Not perfect, but so much fun. They drew me pictures and wanted to sit next to me on the bus. They told me I was pretty and all in all were a great boost in my confidence. Then I got praise from the other teacher so it was a great, tiring day. I am looking forward to subbing in their class again soon.
  • Max has decided that he hates taking showers. He screams bloody murder and acts like it is the worse thing in the world. During one such incident this Saturday, his mouth was open so much from all the screaming that I saw tooth #11.
  • The above mentioned tooth and the other recent ones have changed Max lately. He is more easily angry, but he is also more of a "baby." For the first time since about August, I got to rock him to sleep and to cuddle him on my lap. He also was crawling all over the place. He has been walking for about 4 months, but he wanted to crawl everywhere. I am pretty sure that that isn't related to teething, but it was weird.
  • I fit into almost all of my prepregnancy pants. It took forever, but I am so so so excited.
  • Halloween is in a week and I can't wait to show off my little garden gnome. We have been preparing all week by rocking our Halloween attire (Max has some shirts and I have some sweet ghost socks). Don't worry I will show you Max in his cute attire in a moment.
  • I have finally become more creative in food for Max. The egg allergy had me basically shying away from everything, especially baked goods. Recently, however, I have been finding new recipes and he has enjoyed it! His new favorite is banana bread. He thinks it is lip smacking good.
Here is a little of what our last week looked like!

He is more content to sit and play! He loves to race his cars!

Mommy loves Max!

Max had a crush on the girl he met at the park! He was chasing after he the entire time we were there!

Little pumpkin belly!

Max and Clifford yoga.

They are best friends. He drags Clifford all around the house like this.

Max loves his Mummy!

Getting our outside time in because it is supposed to get cold this week! :(

Monsters are the new camo.
Have a fabulous week and thanks for making it to the bottom of my ramblings.

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