Monday, October 17, 2011

Silly excitment.

***Warning: This blogs contains pictures of messy, food covered child.***

I have been know to be "that mom." The one that jumped up and down screeching at the top of my lungs at the grocery store when I sighted his first little tooth popping through. The one that makes a fool of herself more often than not, because of excitement over my little Man. So last night I had another moment. A moment of pride as I watched my son take one more step toward becoming a little person. You may think this is insignificant, but to me it's a big deal. Does that mean I need to get more of a life? Let me know.

I normally give Max a utensil with his dinner and try to encourage him to use it. Any attempt at me feeding my very independent child leads to him hitting the spoon or fork away and food spraying everywhere. He HAS to feed himself or a fit of epic proportion happens. So I give him the spoon or fork and he uses it as a catapult. He would have been a great addition to a castle seizing team back in the middle ages because he has some range when catapulting his food. Anyway last night he actually used it as was intended!! I was excited, cheered, jumped up and down, and basically made a fool of myself over something that may be so insignificant to some. Oh and of course I grabbed the camera so here is my mashed sweet potato covered boy.

If pictures allowed you to hear what was happening at this moment, you would hear me cheering. He was totally like "No big deal Mom."

Messy Max


Hmmmm... Try again.

Giving the right hand a try.

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