Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So we started doing family goals for the upcoming year and I haven't done that yet so I thought I would share a few here and maybe keep myself accountable.
  1. Once my family is reunited and I am living a normal life, not like a teenager anymore, I want to start making a new healthy recipe every week. I felt myself getting into a cooking rut right before I moved back to Idaho and I want to get some creative cooking jeans. 
  2. No more than 2 Pepsis a week. I go through spurts in which I drink way too much pop and right now (thanks holidays) I am in one. I already had two this week on the first two days. These next five days are going to be hard. 
  3. Improve at being a mommy. I don't think I am doing a bad job, but I think I can improve and I want the best for the Max man so I want to keep improving. 
  4. Keep on the losing weight track and not get back on the gaining weight one and keep up my exercise routine. 
  5. Read 50 books. I was doing this in 2011 and got to about 40, but I quit reading in October so I want to actually do it this year.


  1. Your list looks like mine! I'm trying to break the Dt. Mountain Dew habit. Good luck with them! I do think you are a great Momma. You can tell by how happy Max is.

  2. Sounds like an achievable list of goals!
    I bet you can do it! :)