Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another holiday off the list.

Rather than countdown days (which I also do, because I post a pic of Max everyday for GB), I like to think of counting down the holidays/special occasions until my family is together. And the past week allowed for us to cross off a couple more. I have been looking forward to 2012 since about May of 2011 and now it is here!! Woohooo!

We have been keeping busy. Despite the toughness of holidays while Greg is at work, we managed to have a blast!
We woke up Christmas Eve morning to glorious snow! It has been a weird winter season here so we took advantage of it and decided to do some sledding! We had a blast!

He loved going down the hill! He giggled the entire time.

Already for Christmas Eve Mass. It was a beautiful service. I love this picture of  Max and I, it would be a perfect picture if my handsome husband was standing next to us!

Max and Daddy, bright and early on Christmas morning. What a blessing that we got to see his face and he go to watch Max open a few presents!

Opening presents isn't half as fun as climbing on them. 

A new meaning to "dressed up for Christmas dinner!"

The traditional family White Elephant party. It was full of laughs as always.

Ringing in the new year! Well it was the new year on the East Coast and we are on west coast time.

My handsome NYE date! I am one lucky lady!

A little out of order, but isn't he cute?

Ready to say adios to 2011 and HELLO to 2012! I have a feeling January is going to be an amazing month!

Max is getting so big!
Even though 2011 wasn't the most ideal situation for our family we have learned a lot and loved even more. I am so thankful for my family, my friends, and my fellow Army wives. You keep me sane (or mostly sane).

Hello 2012, I can't wait to see what you have in store for u!

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