Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little more random.

My mind has been kind of everywhere so that is how this post will be as well!
  • I got a cold right before Christmas. Not what I wanted for Christmas, Santa. I am hoping that I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling way better or at least by Christmas morning.
  • I have a little addiction to Army Wives right now. This may not be a very good thing because it leads to tears pretty much every episode. 
  • Christmas would not be the same without White Christmas and yes I cry every single time I watch it.
  • I am starting to see a pattern with the crying thing.
  • I bought a swimming suit today and it made me so excited for Hawaii! Everyday is one day closer until paradise. I cannot stop smiling just thinking about it.
  • Today has been a staying in his jammies kind of day for Max and I think he loved it. I ran a few errands while Aunt Lo babysat and then came home and put my sweatpants right back on. Got to love comfy, get stuff done around the house, kind of days.
  • I have a feeling that Max is going to be very overwhelmed on Christmas. I kept my purchasing to a minimum this year, but I think Grandma and Gramps may have gone a little crazy. I have a big move to look forward to in a couple months so more stuff means figuring out how to move it, but apparently they weren't on the same page. Watching his expression and he opens his presents will be priceless! 
  • Max's favorite things right now are water cups, emptying Mom's purse, staring at the Christmas tree, watching Sesame Street and Blue's Clues, unloading a few of the cupboards (much to Momma and Grandma's dismay) and playing with Uncle Nate who is home from college. 
  • I watched Max fight his nap today on the video monitor. He was playing peekaboo by himself. It was the cutest thing in the world and I couldn't stop giggling. The little turkey makes me smile.

Just giving Santa a little boost!

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