Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season. + a little copycating

I already had another Christmas blog in the works, and then I read a couple of blogs from my sweet Alaska friends and I was inspired to add to it. So thanks Shan and Aubree such a great idea to look back on the Christmases that GB and I have spent together. Remembering all of the fun times help makes some of the sadness go away. So here is a little flash back.

We didn't actually spend Christmas day together, because our families lived on opposite ends of the state, but a few days before Christmas we got to celebrate the marriage of two amazing people, Jesse and Elise. It is one of the few weddings that we have actually got to attend as a couple. Such a beautiful event full of so much  love!
In typical NicB and GB form.

Young love <3
Once again we spent actual Christmas apart because our families live so far away, and GB would propose a week later, but we weren't engaged yet. So instead I came down to see his family and he flew from Army training in GA to spend a few days together is southern Idaho and then we met again after Christmas in northern Idaho. And I know we having some pictures from all the fun somewhere but I can't find them :(  so instead I will include one of our Valentine's together in GA!

Goofing off at the Zoo!
This year we spent most of our Christmas break on our little mini honeymoon trip to Las Vegas. We had a blast and it was so nice to see each other after we spent almost our first whole month of marriage apart. We loved just walking around and taking in all the sights of the strip. We saw a few shows and did all sorts of touristy things. Then we headed back to north Idaho, spent Christmas Eve, Chirstmas, and the day after Christmas celebrating and packing up all my stuff to move to Alaska!
Walking around the sunny streets of Las Vegas.

Lots of Christmas cheer!

We started celebrating Christmas early in Alaska! We started a few traditions of our own before we headed back home to Idaho to celebrate with everyone else!
 I wish I could make Christmas cookies with my love this year. He made me laugh the entire time. 

Max and Daddy at Daddy's company Christmas party. I have such cute boys!

So much cuteness!

Our first Christmas tree. We decorated it in silver and gold! GO VANDALS! :)

Max and Daddy dressed up for Christmas Eve!

Old Man Max and Momma!

Kendal and her baby and Nicb and her baby!
This year will be full of excitement. We are really hoping to get to watch Daddy open all his presents and I know that Daddy will want to see what Santa brought Max. The Christmas season for us will be full of all of my family, but it won't be quite the same with my heart so far away. Hopefully Max will enjoy unwrapping presents more than he did on his birthday! I have a feeling he will love what Santa is bringing!

Oh and what my original post was going to contain...
Max went to see Santa at a fundraiser for the high school that I am working at. He did not like him. At all.

He was ok when Mommy was holding him.

He liked getting his picture taken even more when Santa left the scene!
Now if we could get some snow so it would look more like Christmas then I would be a happy camper!!

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