Friday, December 16, 2011

The last little bit of 2011

The past three months have FLOWN by. Here is what we did from October to December.
Chilling at the playground!
Vandal Homecoming! Max loved his first trip to Moscow and he looked so cute in his Idaho gear!

Cheering on his Vandals! Mommy and Daddy always had so much fun in the Kibbie Dome together! We really missed Daddy at the game!
What is this?
My precious boy was made for the Fall!!
Momma stole a few cuddles when she could.
The happy little elf LOVED Halloween!
One of the last baths Max took with real soap before we got the exzema diagnosis.  
We enjoyed some yummy pasta.

We still loved to drive in our car. 

Grandpa had  big birthday and Max delivered a little birthday cheer at the office!
We drew Daddy pictures. 
We kept Grammie and Grandpa B on their toes and made them giggle while we visited.

We had a very happy Thanksgiving and crossed one more holiday off the list until we are together again.

We have been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. 
December brought lots of energy. For Max anyway.
We tried to spread Christmas cheer to all our loved ones.
He kept me busy and made me smile.
He looked so adorable in his Christmas jammies!
Max wrestled with his doggies.
We visited Santa and it wasn't so successful.

How are there only 9 days until Christmas? And I have to admit I have started the countdown until our upcoming family vacation. Paradise, you are within my sights and I need something to look forward to right about now. Christmas is about so many things for me, the most important being Christ, but then family. And I want my heart next to me Christmas morning while I drink my coffee and watch Max open his stocking. Since I can't have that then I am focusing on the sun, the sand, and my sweetie in the nearish future.

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