Friday, January 6, 2012

What's on my mind.

First for my worries.

  • My chunky growing little monkey has slowed down his growing to a point that is concerning me. I think I am going to call the doctor. He hasn't been eating well, which I contribute in large part to the major teething that is currently happening, but it is just on my mind. Yesterday we were at the mall and I am trying to eat better so I brought a long a little lunch. Max wouldn't eat any of it so I decided I would try to bribe him. Probably not the best parenting technique, but hey sometimes if I get him to eat something then he will keep eating. So I went to the taco place and bought him mexi fries, which are basically tater tots. In the world of Max, tater tots rank right up there with being outside and the dogs. He loves them and yet he still refused to eat. He is eating better today, but I am still worrying.
He was a stylish shopping partner even if he wouldn't eat.
  • How in the heck am I going to get all my stuff from the lower 48 back to AK? When did Max and I accumulate so much. As excited as I am for the big move, the thought of it makes my stomach get knots. I have had the mentality that "we will cross that bridge when we get there" and we are getting nearer and nearer. Yikes and Yay all at the same time.
  • My head and heart are constantly worrying about my love. I guess I have learned to repress the feelings and carry on with life, because life is carrying on around me but his adorable face is always on my mind.
  • Max has added out to his list of words. Well it comes out more like Owww, but it is in the right context and I am over joyed. The little man has been on the run for over 6 months now, but as for words, he isn't speaking much English yet. So much babbling and starting to mimick my sounds, yet not much "real" talking. I love when he picks up new words and I hope I start to hear more and more. 
  • My family is going to be together sooner rather than later and it doesn't seem real yet, but the idea of giving my husband a kiss and watching my boys play together puts a huge smile on my face.
I have a feeling we will have a lot of wrestling matches.
I can't wait to take more pictures of them! They make me so happy and feel like the luckiest lady around.

  • Even though I am worried about the move, I am so excited to see my Alaska family again. I am moving in with my sweet friend Julie for the first few days I am up there before I get my house all settled, and I can't wait for the fun to ensue! We are going to have a blast. 
  • I made a roast for dinner tonight and it smells amazing. I am excited to eat here soon. 
And a picture to go.
The most common phrase I say all day long is Max quit climbing on that. My child loves to climb, the little monkey. 


  1. I am soooo excited for you guys...the reuniting and settling in because it's "that time"..HOLY SMOKES soo excited for you!!! I hope Max starts getting back to feeling better.I know it sounds crazy crazy but my kids went through horrible bouts of starving and not sleeping around the same time leave arrived, ended, and right before Jesse came home...especially B. Perhaps Max is just sensing your anxiety/excitement and going off it. I promise he'll make a liar out of you the minute you're reunited and you'll wonder "WTH?!" because Greg will say "he seems perfectly fine to me"...haha well maybe not exactly like that:). Good luck with the big move...just remind yourself it's all gonna be worth it sooooo soon!!!!<3<3

  2. I think all kids go through bouts of not eating. I finally got tired of fighting with Jayden over food and decided that he will eat when he is hungry. He is working on his 2 year molars now so he doesn't want to eat much, even soft food and it gets frustrating but I know he'll eventually eat. Don't stress about it too much! Good luck with the move! Love ya!


  3. Grayson goes through days of not eating so I wouldn't worry too much. Grayson is just now really talking. We got tubes in our ears and I really think that's why he never talked earlier. He'll start talking a lot soon. Oh and he will imitate everything his Daddy does. Be ready for a lot of mischief. I'm really excited for you to move back up here!