Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween was full of treats and no tricks in the B family! I have always loved Halloween, but it reminds me of GB because we were just starting and nurturing our relationship a few Halloweens ago. What a fun time in our life so needless to say I was a little sad at the prospect of another holiday with our family not together. However, as much as we missed him, Max and I had a blast!
I worked a little in the morning and then ran some errands so Max and I could have the entire afternoon to do spooky (read costume cute) things. We went to the store to pick up some candy, because we wanted to do some reverse trick or treating. Max hasn't branched into the candy world for a couple of reasons. 1. Well so much sugar in his little belly may not be good. 2. I haven't researched, which kinds of candy have egg in them so he doesn't get any (sidenote: Did you know that some saltwater taffy has eggs in it? I didn't until our last appt with the allergist). So we had Max give away some candy instead.
My dad's office is right below my aunt's store and let's just say Max was a hit. We gave away some Reese's Peanutbutter cups downstairs and then headed upstairs. Max the garden gnome danced on the counter and charmed all the customers in the Hallmark. He loved taking the candy out of and putting it back into his little bucket. He shared and giggled and actually behaved himself! Woohoo!
Then after a little nap and some dinner, we headed out to hit the trick-or-treating trail. We went to about 10 houses and were gone for about 20 minutes because the gnome was getting cold. He was a hit at every house and had a blast, but we pretty much hit our limit with the time we were gone. I am sure next year will be a different story and with each passing year, he will want to be out longer and want the candy! I was looking at all the bigger little ones all dressed up and I realized that someday that will be my baby boy sooner rather than later. I am excited for next year when he can say trick-or-treat!

This is pretty talented for me. I am sort of artistically challenged.

My garden gnome.


Max has loved the fall!

Getting ready for trick-or-treating! He had so many layers on he could barely move!

Dragging Auntie Lo!

Walking with Mommy!

The end of an amazing Halloween!
Oh and some guy handing out candy commented on the lack on candy in Max's bucket. I told him that I was putting it in my pockets because Max liked to dump out his bucket and then load/unload it a million times. His response, "Oh I just thought you looked pregnant." Thanks random guy. Thanks.

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